Lightburn Files and DnD Assets

I’m interested in creating D&D-friendly Lightburn files for the ‘Big Thunder’ 1600mm x 1000mm bed.
I want these files to cut back on unnecessary etching, and focus heavily on time-saves for D&D related assets. If there are any members with noteworthy Lightburn assets creation skills, I’m willing to meet and pay close attention to training/optimizations.

  • I am not trained to use the laser.*
  • I am a new member looking to make contributions to the D&D community @ Dallas Makerspace.*

Some example questions I have :

" How do I exclusively etch grids onto custom shapes, instead of the entire 1600mm x 1000mm bed of material? "

" How do I set the laser close to the target material? "

" How do we create grids within shapes, specific to a certain aspect ratio or 1in x 1in parameter? "

I’m open with my lack of experience, but confident this is a process that will result in returned gratitude to you guys! Thanks!

// Garren //

Setting the laser height is in the safety/ intro course. Did you take that and just need more help?

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The thunder course can be found at and it answers a few of your questions!

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No official training has been taken yet.
I’ll have all of the basics completed by 9pm this afternoon, Monday (09/18/2023).

BUT we’re really leaning into creating a thread for DnD affiliated projects.

Once I have the training complete, I’ll be competent enough for more advanced questions. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

I’ll attend today from 5:30pm to 9:00pm to complete training and basic readings.

(I copied the software tips found in the manuals just to do reading between hours @ work!)

Hi! I’m heavily involved in the Board Games Special Interest Group (SIG) here at DMS. I also know how to work the laser and I am knowledgeable about other areas at DMS that have been used to create board game and TTRPG assets. I may be able to help you. You can DM me.

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You might go ahead and DM him. I looked at his profile, and he hasn’t gotten up to the trust level where he can DM people.


The file you design will limit the dimensions of where things are cut. There are several options on how to place the design on the print bed. This is covered in class.

This is covered in the class.

Create your design with different colored lines. Each color can be configured to behave differently (eg cut vs etch, raster vs vector cut, strength/speed/number of passes). You could create the outline of your part in black, holes in blue, your grid in red, and a logo/design in green.

Then raster the logo, vector etch the grid at low power, vector cut the holes, and finally vector cut the outline to release the part from wood.

Best Design Option
I recommend designing in something other than Lightburn, then importing the file.

I (and many others) use InkScape: it is free, full featured, and the native SVG files can be directly imported into Lightburn.


Oh excellent! - I’ll do a decent amount of homework on the laser training & manuals.

Feel free to DM me first, if my acct’ has not reached the proper trust levels.

I’m bringing material to store and have available (some to donate) today around 5:30pm [Tuesday 09/19].