Light Box for Quilt Marking?


I know this is off topic … but I don’t suppose we’re considering a gigantic light box to mark quilt tops are we?

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It hasn’t been brought up yet. If you want to give me or @matthshooter the details we can discuss it in the next sewing SIG meeting.


I reckon 1"x1" meets this measure in most of Chris’ creations :laughing: …not sure that applies to quilts, though…:confused:


That’s a great question!

I didn’t really have something specific in mind. Typical artist/drafting light boxes tend to be limited to about 2’ x 2’ that’s a bit too small. 3’ x 3’ would be good; 4’ x 4’ would be absolutely wonderful.

Right now I’m trying to use a glass coffee table with a bezillion candlepower light underneath it, which is less than desirable for a lot of reasons.

Marking is such a nuisance, no matter how you do it, so anything we have to help that problem is a step in the right direction.


I feel like we could do some really goofy things with one of those big strips of LEDs from IKEA and a beefy poster frame (or have someone make one in the wood shop) to have that happen. But would we wall mount it somehow? Or make it moveable for a table?


Reason I asked: I have an old oak drafting table with a light table top, but my current fav is the Wafer 2 by Daylight company. Mostly because its big enough to work on it like a lap desk, but its only about 3/8th of an inch thick.

Looking at the website, theyve just released an even larger model, the Wafer 3.

If we were going to “hack” something bigger, I would suggest either getting an old glass tabletop and having one side sandblasted or get a half sheet of white/translucent plexi. My experience with putting an under-cabinet light tube under a clear surface for an extended length of time is just painful to work on, wheras a more diffused light makes it easier to focus on the project at hand.


If or when we think we want to make something ourselves (which would likely be way cheaper), we should contact @bertberaht and see if he can keep an eye out for some glass.


Too big?
Great price. Already framed, probably with hinges, so alls you’d need is to make the box part…

There’s also some glasses currently on offer, 1 is 1"Perspex…


Just throwing this out there…
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Did ya see the free stuff posting for a pile of broken wood? The spoils of tai kwan do.


I currently have a large light table that is about 3’ x 5’ that is at our old house that we are selling and needs to find a home soon.