Lift training request 8-20


I’m posting to see if anyone is available to provide lift training tonight, tomorrow evening or anytime over the weekend. I’ve got a belt that badly needs to be replaced.
If not I’m also available after 6pm all next week.


As I type, Chuck Graf @dallasmagna is somewhere in the building. However, he’s usually gone home by now, so he may be planning to head out.

@patrickpleez1 was here earlier…

Dang, I considered just wondering in but wasn’t sure if my card would work after I re-up my subscription.

You have to go into MakerManager (2nd on the drop-down from the Member Portal on the main page), and re-add your badge. It doesn’t auto-refill.

Done, thanks! Do you know if the lift is broken? I noticed a support ticket was created a few days ago.

This one says it’s resolved…

Well that’s a relief thanks!