LFR: Document/Map Preservation

I have a number of maps and documents that came from my grandfather, including maps used during the D-Day invasion, that I am looking to have preserved and framed. Does anyone have any experience with document preservation, or a recommendation for a company/person that provides those services?

I am also looking for someone who can scan the maps, which are larger than the tabloid size scanner that I have.

@TLAR … would know

I do not know how emotionally attached you are, but if they were mine, I would consider donating them to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.


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I am very emotionally attached, but my plan has always been to do a loan of the items to a museum, in case one of my nieces or nephews wants them in the future. That museum is one very high possibility, since my mom and grandparents are from Louisiana.

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I would love to see maps like that.

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I’m teaching a Dye Sub 101 class on Saturday, and be there from noon to about 5:30. I’ll bring them with me for anyone that would like to take a look at them.


Thomas Reprographics has a 36" wide color scanner. I would guess that other print shops might as well.

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Call Fort Worth camera
I know they also do restoration if needed

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Videos at YouTube University show what appear to be easy document restoration techniques like washing and flattening while drying. If there were a place at DMS to do it, I would practice on old newspapers. I also have some great prints that are still in the original periodicals, so pages from the same source would yield predictable results for the keeper print. Has anyone tried washing the acid from a document, or is anyone interested in getting some big washing trays and trying this?