Letterpress cabinets, drawers and lead type

Before it gets posted for sale elsewhere - I give it a whirl here:

45 or 46 trays of various movable lead

3 Gunmetal steel Hamilton cabinets for the trays


@Team_Printmaking this dwarfs the donation you got on Friday…

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These can also be used on leathers


I tried to download the font but it crashed my computer onto the floor.
I guess the Font Weight was too Bold.

How much? Free delivery like with the flat file?

@TLAR Any update? We have our meeting on Saturday.

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lead type, its too soft for leather and would wear out quickly

That’s what people thought about laser cut plastic stamps and plates too. It only has to be harder than leather to work. Last I heard lead type is harder than leather. To be fair though this works best with a press so that the pressure is spread evenly.

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I was hoping to upload the various photos of the trays of type but was too busy at work.