Lens grinding at DMS?

I have a 5mm Gorilla Glass flat lens. I need it to be ever so slightly smaller. Is there anyone in Jewelry that can help me grind down a lens and keep its circular shape? Doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but close.

You could consider using a flex shaft with a sanding bit, but that would be a free-hand process. Maybe @Team_Glass has a better idea?

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Well, we’ve got a wet grinder, but it’s up to the user to keep the object round. That’s the one in the aquarium. I may actually know how to use that puppy.

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Did you come up with a solution?

Not yet. Was out of town with the wife at Balmorhea State Park for a fun time.

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We could try to dop it up and round it off.
5mm across? How thick? How much off?

It’s less than 2mm thick. Probably about half mm off.

We could give it a shot in Jewelry… Send me a message. I am in town this week. Then gone 2 weeks.