Leaving jobs. No one leaves a perfect job

Often we leave jobs because of some disagreement or a failure from one or another when it comes to employment, how do one handles these as they go through their career? No employee is perfect nor is the employer perfect. Often i will fill out a job application to a past employer. Knowing the manager i used to work with is probably still there and probably has misgiving about me. I then think that is fine because I consider myself to be more in the right. I often think I treated my bosses customer and the product better than he did. Yet I do believe that one should have some decorum and the public disagreement and gossiping about a boss serves no one. Given all this my behavior can often be better. What ways do you repair your reputation from a bad employment experience?

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The best way to “repair your reputation” from a bad work experience is to not hurt it (your reputation, that is) in the first place. Don’t speak badly about them (unless completely anonymously).

I’d never return to a place where I had a bad experience. That’s like going back to an abusive spouse. There are too many good employers to give the time of day to a bad one.

Thankfully I’ve only had one such experience in my career and while the idiot manager is long gone, the fact that the company didn’t have my back in the situation (despite having been there for 14 years longer than his 1) seals that deal. They can go eat shit.