Leatherworking training

Hello. I’m new to DMS and am interested in leatherworking…among other things. I noticed the leather sewing machine can’t be used unless you’ve had training. When will there be trainings scheduled for this? TIA.


Are you looking for Leatherworking 101, Project Classes, or learning to use the sewing machine specifically?

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I’m waiting for training on the leather sewing machine, Thor I think it might be called, to come on the schedule!

sincerely random input guy who saw this thread and jumped in.

I’d like to attend a 101 class and training on the leather sewing machine.


You might want to read this post: Thor Classes for the next two and a half weeks

Thanks that’s great…! Appreciate it.

Are there any leathwork classes becoming available soon?

Looks like the Leather SIG doesn’t have their own “team”. @jnorine is currently head of the Leather SIG.

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Thank you. I will reach out.

Right now, there are no classes planned. If you’re looking to get cleared to run the tools, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to get you run through the training; it may be difficult to do so before the New Year.

Yes, I’d like to get checked off for the tools. I’m available anytime after 5:30M-F and most weekends