Leatherworking Intro


I am interested in trying some leatherworking. I understand that I need a class though to use the tools. Is there one in the works for any time soon?

Thank you!

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I will most likely be doing another leather dice cup class in July, which will also act as a sign off class to the leather tools. I will announce when it goes live.

This is not a replacement for the more detailed 101 class, just saying in case the other gents are unable to teach anytime soon.


I would like to teach the introductory 101 class to get people signed off to use the tools but I’m not sure what i need to do.

John and Jorge, can you use an extra hand?


Yes please!

I am up in NY for work through July. I can forward you the syllabus and that would be most wonderful! It’s really “don’t do this or you’ll break it or yourself” type stuff.


If everyone is ok with this, ill put up some intro classes. Please send me the syllabus. Thanks!!


Go!! Go!! Go!!

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There are leatherworking tools that require a class as a prerequisite?!

Has to do with the various mats, mallets, slab of stone. What happens when the order is incorrectly applied and one slams a chiselling point into stone?

I give up. What?

You just ruined a tool that was only available as part of a set, or you also broke a slab, or both.


Your jokes suck. :slight_smile:


I put up two classes, july 16th and july 23. Ill have to be added to the CA teachers group to assign AD rights. Beth is that you?

Going forward, ill try to have at least one intro class per month.


Remember, if you set the class as Fulfills Requirement, then you can click the AD assignment without having to be in the Teachers Group. I will add you, because you do need that to add people manually.

I mean, I’d been assigning AD Sewing permissions through classes for quite a while. I’d realized that I couldn’t add folks manually. I went to look at the Teachers groups when I became chair, and discovered that there weren’t any! We’ve remedied that situation…