Leatherworker wanted for a small commission

Hey Leatherworkers!

I’m looking for someone to make a couple of leather apple AirTag and door fob holders. They will be 3"x5" double layered leather with laser engraved logo and QR codes on both sides. They will be stitched along the edges and through the middle using evenly punched holes (laser cut?) the ends will be open so I can stitch them up later after embedding the AirTag and proximity fob in them. Looking for this to be relatively stiff so thick leather is preferred.

Sketch below. pic of the AirTag and key fob below also.

Anyone want to do this, and how much would it cost?

Do you care what the color of leather? Also do you want a strap for keys or something like that?

Leather color doesn’t really matter… figured lighter to make the laser cutting stand out a little more. Needs to be enough contrast to get picked up by the camera to read the QR code.

Don’t need key ring, the idea is this is going to be given at the desk with a door lock fob to get into a locked office.

This has been completed, hopefully it looks good. I put it in an envelope and it is on the lost and found shelf.


Wow! That’s awesome! I’ll grab it and take a look later today or tomorrow! If it works I’ll pay you to make a few more!


The price ill charge you is to empty one trash can . Next time you see one full, don’t just walk by, take it out to the dumpster.


Got ‘em done! Thanks for getting me started in the right direction!!


Very cool. Glad I could help!

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