Leather tools training

the last post i saw for this was back in '20 about maybe shifting the training for these online, but i was wondering on what training i need for these? I’ve done some leatherworking, some decoritive armor/pouches for renfair, but also am aware that I don’t know a lot.

@Lordrook tends to be our leading voice regarding leather working, though others may chime in…

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The training has not yet been moved online, and between myself and @mreynolds one of us can get you signed off if you have some experience with the tools. You just need the safety lecture and intro to the cabinets part which is pretty quick. I am not sure precisely when I will be back to the space, but next Friday afternoon is likely.


wonderful! thanks for the quick reply, just let me know what time you wanna on friday and i’ll meet you up there.


I could have sworn that Fabricki put the super basic 101 online… (no training, just basically the rules).

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If that’s the case that is great, but I don’t recall. Hi John, @j801496 can you please advise?

Any ideas on a time that either @Lordrook or @mreynolds would be in today?

I wont be in today, probably tomorrow afternoon I’ll be there