Leather tools access

Hi, can someone help me get my clearance to the leather working tools? I hobby at leather work and would love to be able to do it up there. I have a class on the 21st but will be in and out before that if someone wants to help me out. Thanks much!

paging @jnorine

I’ll be up at the space next on Monday the 19th; I’m taking the Blender class at 6 pm, but should be free afterward. How much experience do you have with leatherworking tools?

I’m familiar with most common leatherworking tools; I own dyes, punches, utility knives, thicker sewing needles, wax thread and rivet guns. I’ve made belts and repaired boots and would like to make some roll up cases for my smaller woodworking tools.

I’ll be up there around 2 on monday but will be working on my car - what time is the Blender class over? I’ll hang around and knock some woodworking out

I just sent you a private message.