Leather tooling training

I used to teach leather-working at DMS. Somehow, this young lady found me and sent me the following email. Since I’m not involved with leather-working anymore I thought I’d pass this along. Maybe someone can reach out to her. @Lordrook


Last night when I was looking for leather working classes I came across Dallas Makers Space.

This is where I found your email address. Hope you don’t mind my contacting you.

When I looked at the calendar I didn’t see leather classes scheduled for next year.

Thought I would contact you and check. My grandson, a friend and I are interested in the classes should they continue.

If the beginner leather lessons are not starting up again and you know of lessons being given else where that I could check out I’d appreciate it if you would share that information.

Thank you kindly

Charlene [email protected]

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I emailed her and hopefully can facilitate getting some new members :slight_smile:


Thats awesome. Let me know if I can help with anything @Lordrook

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