Leather skiving

Ugh. I have tried my best to get some leather skived to an even consistency and not having any luck, just burning through leather as I try and teach myself. Does the Makerspace have a professional skiving tool and/or do any of the leatherworkers offer skiving as a service?

Have you tried the bench skiving tool? It is dangerous and tricky but good results are possible . Any of the leather instructors can help you get competent with the tool .

Okay, so there is a skiver at DMS? It wasn’t listed in the tools, so wasn’t sure.

The docs do seem lacking.
Here’s a recent Talk post about it…

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Yeah, there is a bench mounted splitter/skiver installed on the workbench in Creative Arts. I haven’t used it much, and had limited success with it.

You’re welcome to give this a go!

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This tool is kinda finicky, so I would definitely bring some practice leather. Like Mark, I’ve had some struggles as well.