Leather sale overbuys?

Hi all! We just joined last week and during the tour my wife was told about missing out on the big leather sale. It was suggested that we reach out on here and see if anyone maybe bought more than they need/want and might be willing to resell. If anyone is interested in letting some go, please let me know. Thank you all; looking forward to our membership.


What kind of leather are you looking for in particular?

If you’re taking about the upholstery leather sold over a couple of weekends I still have some. $25 dollars a roll. A roll is at least one whole hide. It was a donation from Gulfstream Air. They use it to upholster the furniture in their airplanes.

Almost all of the leather is either a grey or beige in color. I know that there are NO dark colors remaining. If you’re interested I can shoot you a picture. I also have some pink ultraleather I can throw in. (I think there are four rolls remaining.) You can DM me and we can make arrangements to deliver it.


Hello sir! My wife is the leather crafter; I think she was hoping to just build up a supply of anything right now; I’ll check with her this evening and let you know. Thanks for your response.

Thank you,

Will Hodge

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