Leather Folio Project Complete


Posted here and not the Show and Tell thread because I didn’t make this at DMS.

Sorry for not having build photos this time. I was in a hurry to get this done this weekend as it’s a Christmas gift.

Total build time was about 10 hours over three days. Now that I have measurements though, the next one should land about 5-6 hours over two days.

Day One was just cutting the Outer Cover and gluing the chip board stiffener and lining together. That sits overnight to set properly.

Day Two was measuring, cutting, and stitching together all the pieces. The Pocket and pen slots get stitched to the left flap first, then the two flaps get stitched to the Out Cover, with the Zipper sandwiched in between. The zipper is the tricky part.

This is the first folio I’ve made, so this is the sketch I built it from. Full disclosure I made this AFTER I finished the folio, since I was designing as I was building.

5/6 oz utility leather for the outside. Lined with Pigskin Suede (about 1/2 oz)

There was room for additional pockets or slots on the left side, but I was in a hurry to get this done and wasn’t sure what would be useful there for the giftee.

Left pocket sized to fit a Field Notes book. The three pen slots are open underneath, but pens fit via friction nicely, even if not clipped on.

It was critical that it lay flat open. This is accomplished by making sure you use enough zipper. 36" in this case.

Hand stitched goodness!

For the next one, I’ll add more pockets to the left side, and add edge paint before stitching it together. It looks goood as is, but I think it’d look better with an edge paint on it.


Great job Jorge!! Beautiful work. Did you stitch it on Thor?

I went out to Tandy, both Irving and Allen stores, and picked up a nice whole hide. They sold them for $49.99 and the regular price is $249.99. Thanks for the heads up.

I also bought 20 of the Craftools that I didn’t already have. They were $2.99 for the regularly $7.99 tools and $7.99 for the pro tools that were regularly $19.99.


No, this is hand stitched, made in my shop at home. I’ll need to test quite a bit with Thor before making anything on it. The hole sizes need to be right, and it not leave any tool marks on the leather. That’s on my 2019 todo list though!


Oh wow, this is stunning! Love, love, love it!


I took the Thor class and my most significant concern was that the sewing machine feet cause marks on the leather after stitching. I think this is a matter of adjustment though and may have already been addressed.

In addition the stitch is a saddle stitch, I believe, and is subject to pulling through should one of the stitches break.

Regardless, everyone should probably know how to hand stitch leather as there is great satisfaction in doing it, but if you have a lot to stitch machine stitching is awesome!


The Thor can do a saddle stitch?


No, he meant Lock Stitch.


Nope, it does a lock stitch


It’s like you guys were separated at birth. :baby: + :baby: = :two_men_holding_hands:


Yeh - they have the same eyes … (check out their avatars)




We have been friends for 32 years now so… kinda…


He’s right I meant lock stitch. Sorry about the confusion.