Leather and Fabric Project bag classes- Spots Available

I have spots open for this next Sunday the 23rd for both of my project bag classes. Sign up if you are interested.

12-2 https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/11379

2:30-4:30 https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/11827

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Do we have to be played on the sewing machines to sign up?

(I doubt I’m in the AD for either since when I took those far predates when they were doing AD for them)

Good question…and another good question. How does one get their AD list? I think I’m in the same boat

go here
log in with dms.local creds
check “active directory groups” (requires hamburger expansion if on mobile).

EDIT: can also use on of the fob scanners I’m guessing has been set back up in Common Room. They scan your badge & print out group memberships

Can also use jump server and run queries in various fashions, including using ADUC…

Thanks. I suppose I should check what things I’m now locked out of by default Haha

The main thing since you were last active, there’s a sewing AD group added, and woodshop requirements reworked, everyone needed to redo since bigger changes

Yes, I did set that up as a pre-requisite. you have to start an issues thread and ask Infrastructure to add you. Even better if you can tag who initially signed you off if you had such a thing. I’d be willing to be I’m also not on the AD group which is highly ironic.


It would have either been @dryad2b or @Kriskat30 way back when we first got the group of five sewing machines and I took a train the trainer class to be a back up sewing instructor

The leather one…well, that was way back when we first got the leather ones and I’ve sewn on them during one of the first classes and I think maybe it was @Photomancer (??) had been helpful getting those going/tweaked and I sewed a seam or something. Way before an AD group. Certainly couldn’t thread it though. So I probably need the current class

Can confirm (but cannot DO anything about any of it) kyrithia is NOT in CA Sewing Leather nor CA Sewing Fabric groups.
Can confirm same for Lordrook…
Hm. Now that I look, I appear to not be in CA Sewing Leather, either, which I thought the Thor class covered… Or is that CA Industrial Leather Sewing, which Lordrook IS in, but neither I nor kyrithia are…

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Yes, the Thor its the Industrial sewing machine, but it doesn’t sign you off on the leather cabinet.

I think there was less of a push for formal checking the box back then. I’ve unfortunately had several classes where folks aren’t trained on equipment and are way behind the rest of the class because I didn’t set up the pre-req. I end up almost making the project for them because I’m teaching the basics and not the project. Seems like this tactic is having its own consequences.


When I was sewingSIG leader there was no AD for sewing. I taught a lot of folks and I’m pretty sure I cleared Jeanne on the sewing machines.


I was trying to sign up for the zipper bag the other day and the system kept telling me that I needed to make sure I met the pre requirements. But it gave me no way to sign up our to check it just said make sure you meet them. I think we have a problem here. Considering that I’ve taught a sewing class and I’ve taken several. I should be in the system as knowing how to use a sewing machine. Did the teachers in Royse City ISD

Hi all. I am actually interested in several of these classes. Unfortunately it doesnt appear any sewing 101 classes are on the calendar. Will one open in the next several weeks? Thank you so much.

Paging @Aneres

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It just means you predate when they started the AD group for sewing. Just need to get approved to be added

The class I’m teaching – Sewing and Mending – does not require the AD, and I will be assigning it to attendees. Umm… sometime in the next week or two.

Okay I will keep an eye out on the calendar for it. Thank you.

I think for beginners starting off at sewing, it’s better if they take Sewing 101 to be checked off on the machines. You’re more than welcome to teach that class. It covers sewing tools, proper use of the machine, and how to refill the bobbin.

We will go over future classes and instructors to teach them at the SIG meeting on Thursday, June 27th @7pm.

Huh, I’ve got the Industrial Leather (Thor) listing but I’m not listed for the leather cabinet even though I took the class from @flisenby last August.