Learning Material Recommendations? Very new to wood working

Hi there! Very new member who just took the woodshop safety/breadboard class.

So eventually I want make some wood boxes that look like spellbooks to be used as dice trays for TTRGs. I have some ideas for getting fancy down the line, but for now I want to make sure I practice the basics and get more familiar with the equipment.

I was wondering if anyone has some good resources for a beginner, preferably project based.


Welcome! YouTube is my Go-To. However, with all the tool damage we’ve been experiencing, I suggest you reach out and ask for a mentor in addition to your research.

You can usually find someone to talk to around lunchtime in the galley if you don’t connect with someone here on Talk.


I’ve got a buddy who does stuff like that, starts on the laser for etching and then finishes the work in woodshop to do the final build.

He’s not active on talk, but I can connect you with him if you want.


I’ll definitely keep that in mind! I have some ideas/plans for the actual decoration part. I’m thinking of using the smaller CNC router to carve out the design and then pour resin into it.

I may explore the lasers as well though :slight_smile:

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Not a bad idea! I will look into that, thank you!

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For lasers, reach out to @talkers or @michaelb.

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Just remember that you cannot cut anything that has been through the laser on the SawStop - the carbon edges will trigger the safety device. If you need to cut a laser cut/etched board on a table saw, please use the Powermatic.


As hot tips go, this one is tops. Bookmarking for later. It would have been a sad day for:

  1. The table saw blade, clamped+ruined
  2. My wallet, having to replace it
  3. My pants, from… well… yeah.

MANY other woods/product to avoid on the Saw Stop are outlined in the Wiki: https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/SawStop_ICS73230-52


A metal detector that looks like a flashlight is magnetically attached to the legs of the SawStop. It’s part of the Woodshop 1 class to go over boards thoroughly to ensure there aren’t any nails, embedded metal or burned carbon anywhere on the wood.

The more thoroughly you use this metal detector on “allowed” wood, the better your chances of cutting the wood without engaging the cartridge.


Bookmarking this as well as @HankCowdog’s reply

I used QRCodeMonkey to make a DMS-branded QR Code which links to the SawStop Bad Materials list. I made this into a sticker which I’ll apply to the SawStop the next time I’m there.

FYI, the QR Code looks like this:

and links to this page: https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/SawStop_ICS73230-52