Learn Polyprinter Course Conflicting Info

…Y’all need a proofreader on that learn.dallasmakerspace.org polyprinter class.
The info in the course doesn’t match the quiz. The grammar in the rules section is so bad it’s difficult to understand. I tried to document as many of the issues as I could, and where the conflicts were located to make it easy for the mod to fix the class/quiz. I know we’re all crunched for time.
There are major information inconsistencies in the class/quiz. 4/19 questions have issues.

Q. How many PolyPrinters are you allowed to use at a time?
–Correct’ answer is 1. This directly conflicts with documentation.

Rules Page: Rule#4.
“Users can use multiple printers, as long as there is at least one printer left available for others to use”

in conflict with:
Loading Filament page
" We only allow a member to use one machine at a time." (directly under pic of polyprinter)

Q. Who is authorized to repair the polyprinters?
– ‘correct’ answer is ‘polyprinter employees’
conflicts with documentation presented twice in the learning materials.

Pg1. Rules:

  1. NO PRINTER MAINTENANCE unless Authorized by the chair or vice chair
    Safety page:
    If the nozzle clogs, you won’t be able to extrude or push plastic through the hotend and your prints can stop and fail. The nozzle will need to be replaced by a Polyprinter employee, chairperson, or vice-chairperson.

Q11: What program do you use to prepare the file to print
Unclear: Slice or load to polyprinter?? Either could be considered ‘preparing’

Q14: Spelling test, not knowledge test:
‘Thingaverse vs thingiverse’ Quiz questions should test the points you most want users to remember. This question just tests users ability to spell.

Page 1: Rules:
Your VS You’re errors. Gross grammatical errors.

  1. “Place contact information on top of printers (yes even if your 2 feet away)”
    -YOU’RE 2 feet away

  2. “After an hour of job completion another user can remove your print.”
    -consider using: “If your print is left for longer than an hour, another user may remove your print”

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Hecc, I knew I was forgetting to do something. I had an updated document for text changes and stuff for this and I’ve totally forgotten to bring it to Jayson/Nate… thanks for reminding me >.>


Nothing like a new user to break the ol’ system!

…don’t ask why it’s taken me 5years to finally get around to 3d printing…


OMG thanks @AmeliaG for pointing that out, my OCD was going crazy while taking those courses. I didn’t want to say anything since I’m new and did not want to insult or offend anyone. I would also like to point out that peanut butter would most likely clog the nozzle. I selected this as part of one of my questions and got it wrong lol.

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To late I’m offended! Just kidding yeah we are working on getting it updated and hope to have it done by the end of the month

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My big problem when taking it was the Peanut Butter question…since it seems to require 100% and the peanut butter answer on the nozzle clogging question was on there it was really a toss up for a joke answer. Would be really frustrated to be told I have to wait to retake the quiz if I got that wrong.

It’s been three months, I know a new course is coming, but would it take long to fix the 3 questions, in the meantime?

Worse: both spellings work as they are aliased to the site.

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