Layout for new ELab


Shawn and I got together and did a first take at furniture Tetras for the new ELab.
Not shown is the 4 inch conduit to the roof for AR SIG lines.
Mouser benches and sign need to stay together.
Not carved in stone, just a starting point.

Constructive comments welcomed.


Is that including the additional area you earned away from 3D fab? Lol


The big table on the left side of the schematic, above the fire closet:

Is your electrical outlet mounted on the table or the floor?? Because that is a big floor-to-ceiling exterior window.


Not in the pict. It’ll be ELab storage across the “hallway”. :shushing_face:


Good catch! That quad outlet should be next to the one under the AR SIG table.



And other positive characters

Edit: and if I ever do anything electricalish, that’s where I’m sittin’ to stare out the window.


Since I am on the Expansion Committee I will be working with the electricians on the location of the 4 inch conduit to the roof for Amateur Radio antenna cables. The final location will be whatever is easier and cheaper for them, hopefully up against the wall near the Fire Closet.

Since I was the one that relocated the light switches on the wall that were next to the sink, I will look at relocating the light switches and a thermostat that are near the door in the Elab area. Move them about 2 feet closer to the door and out of the Elab area. This will allow us to move those cabinets up closer to the wall or just additional storage space using some other shelving unit instead of having wasted space. Wasted space just attracts junk.


Do the white locker cabinets open out to the hallway? If not, the bench will block some.


The big white locker cabinets in the upper right corner open into the hallway.

May end up having a whiteboard mounted on the back.

The cubicle panels are a possible solution so the gap between the logistics storage shelves and the white cabinet is covered behind any workbench or anything else placed there. The shelves will have some kind of plywood or other backing on them to keep stuff from falling off the back of the shelving and giving electronics a wall on that side.


Cool - A white board can also be used to project images onto.

It looks great but I feel there should be more trash cans. :slight_smile:

In my shop I have one at every bench.


There could be smaller trash cans that fit under the workbenches. I figured there would also be atleast a few of the bigger ones like the one next to the middle table in electronics for larger and bulkier trash.


I think the chairs are way to straight for the E-Lab … I’m trying to figure out the best place to position all of the cardboard boxes as well … any suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


In seriousness … I think it looks great! … good job @Shawn_Christian


I’m guessing those will be ceiling drops. May have to adjust them on the fly.

(Hexagon note 2 means install new)


Which one is the porn computer desk?


The 6 cabinets near the front door are identical to those in the Creative Arts area. So, there will be a flat surface above those cabinets for the boxes. Just don’t hit the fire sprinklers in the ceiling. Since I donated the cabinets, they are being stored at my house until we are ready to move in.


It might be better if atleast one of the F-22 power drops might be better off being a hanging drop somewhere along the boundry that borders the logistics shelves so we are within reach of a power strip without violating fire code by using an extension cord in anything other than a temporary setup.

The power drop for F-24 in front of the window could be shifted so it drops in front of the metal divider between the two window panes.

I drew in the power drops the best I could based on the drawing Art sent me from the expansion committee. If I had been in the loop back when the power needs and area requirements were being worked out I would have mentioned asking for hanging drops along the east boundry.

There is supposed to be a tiny patch of wall between the window and the shelving where the outlets were to be installed, For clarity I moved them around a bit so they were not all in a stack so you could see them in the drawing.


That is not too far off on how Art and I always find the chairs. Seems like I spend half of my time when in elab putting stuff away, picking up messes and putting chairs back where they should be. I purposely put the toolbox as far from the doorway but still central to all of the benches. For someone to get a tool or take one out of the area there will be plenty of angles on the security cameras to identify them and see the tool being taken or brought back.


As @nicksilva likes to say … one of the main jobs of a Chair is Janitor … haha


The power drops could be specified to be longer then we need. Instead of being just long enough to touch the table top we could have longer cables and coil up the excess under the table. If you look at the Bowling Lane table in the Creative Arts area that is what they did. This would allow us to move tables around at will.