Layering a multi-color HTV project

While researching the process of making a multi-color HTV, I discovered this 4 minute video that describes how to layer multiple colors together on the same item (shirt, in this case).

It’s produced by Siser so of course it features their products, but he makes a four-color design and makes it look easy.

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I’ve been playing with this a bit which is why ive started looking for a cricut.
The uscutter mh-mk2 is a too large to get the smaller cuts for more detailed work.

What about the Cameo?

I honestly hadn’t even thought about that.

Might work.

I shall look into that tomorrow sometime.

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AFAIK, the Cameo and the Cricut are comparable.


I actually have a project lined up for next weekend that will involve this. Its a fun process, you’re welcome to hang out while I work


The difference being that Cricut has moved to an online, cloud-based software, and Silhouette’s software is locally installed not require internet access.

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So, quick follow-up on this.

I became curious on doing smaller cuts for multicolored designs and in my research I found out about the adhesive cutting mats that are used by cricut and cameo.

At that point I started getting curious as to whether or not it would work with a US Cutter Style machine like the Titan 28 or my MH 871.

So, I went and got one. I found it at Aviva in the Sam Moon shopping center for $19.

My theory is that using the Easy Cut Pro, (Vinyl Master should work the same), I can separate by color and use smaller pieces to cut out what I need as long as I use a very, very low cut speed.

I’ll be messing with this some this weekend. As soon as i have some definitive information, I’ll update.

I’m hoping that I can get the finer details with smaller pieces of vinyl, well see.

More to come.


I am very curious what you learn. I can’t remember the use cases I had in mind, but several times I considered trying those cutting mats with my old graphtec. I’m sure I will find reason again.

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