Lathe Certification

I was wondering if anyone could teach a lathe course next weekend, or after 7pm during this work week?

@talkers sounds like one for you.

Would love to get in on this as well

:raising_hand_woman:t2: I’d also be interest if the chosen day lines up with my schedule!

@Team_Woodshop is there anyone willing to accept payment from us and teach the lathe?

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Let me see what my schedule can do, and I’ll try to get a lathe class up in the next week or so.

Would either Saturday or Sunday morning work for people? I can do both.

I’m out of town on business the weekend of the 14th. I can do it on/after 7pm this week, or evenings of the weekend.

@jnorine Saturday morning would work for me. Thank you!

Unfortunately, my show schedule has me on evenings pretty much through the end of October. I’ll ask the other teachers if there’s a chance of getting a class up that works with your schedule.

Ok. I’ll put the class up for 10am; hopefully that works for more people. If not, it’ll be a 1 on 1.

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I can do anytime Friday, or Saturday morning… @Team_Woodshop

It’s been submitted, should go live tomorrow night for signups.

@valhalla hopefully this will work for you.


I’m also interested! I’ll be signing up too. thanks @jnorine

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@jnorine sent you a PM, thanks!