Lasers down police drone during Chilean protests

Never underestimate the power of dozens of multiwatt green lasers, even when hand-held.


Lol, my guess is PERHAPS the lasers would hinder the vision of the operator AT MOST.

In most US States, it’s a crime to track an aircraft with a Laser.

In the early 1980s, an employee of my co. took an Argon Laser home for Halloween. He was tracking a Los Angeles Police helicopter from his front yard, when the cops swarmed upon him and arrested him. He couldn’t be charged, however; because there was no law against this at that time. The pilot ended up with a $200,000 civil settlement against the co. for eye damage. It was a 25mW Argon Laser, at a range of over 1 mile. There is no way the pilot could have sustained any eye damage, but the Jury agreed with him.

The article suggested that the lasers might have blinded the camera used by the remote operator.

I think, after having watched the video, that the operator tried dropping altitude to evade the lasers and failed.

This was in Chile, but I don’t know if the US law applies to unmanned drones vs manned aircraft.


If you plan to track an aircraft with a Laser, make sure it is not a YAL-1. That thing carries a 100MW beam weapon, and can shoot back!


Having been hit by lasers at night coming into Love, I can attest that it doesn’t take much to f up your eyes. We got lucky and saw the beam before it actually got us in the cockpit… but it’s SURPRISINGLY bright when it refracts through the windshields and bounces around the cockpit.

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I do not honestly believe legality is a concern for this crowd. South America is currently experiencing several back to back CIA funded coups. (And that’s not even a conspiracy theory that’s just over the table declassified american history)

Good laser to the cockpit video: