Lasercut project service need

Hello Dallas Makerspace, I’m looking for someone who can cut for me some metal (tin) sheets up to 22 gauge, please write me to [email protected] so I can send you the files and get the quote.


We do not have a laser that can cut metal.

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Yep, our lasercutter won’t cut metal. You might be able to cut it on the plasma cutter in Metalshop, but that’s a different set of skills.

this is a job for the plasma.

Oh, can you do it with the plasma?

I just realized it was tin. that’s gonna be a @Team_Metal_Shop question.

Depends what you mean by “tin”.
If we’re talking corrugated barn roofing, no, because that’s galvanized, and we do NOT do zinc in Metal Shop, especially hot process (plasma cutters, welders, etc.):

22 gauge, if not corrugated, could be done on the shear, probably, but that’s not really what you’re after, based on the “provide files” offered…
If it’s NOT galvanized (i.e. hot/cold rolled sheet) then yes, the CNC plasma can do that…

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