Laser Training Help

Hello. I’ve been watching out for any laser training classes on the calendar so I can sign up for both the makerspace and the training, but I haven’t seen any. If I sign up for the makerspace today is there someone I can work with to get training on the laser relatively soon?

I can probably learn the software myself as long as you can point me toward the correct version and any plugins I may need. The main thing will be the laser equipment itself as I haven’t used that before.


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I can’t help you with the training (not an authorized trainer), but I can tell you that operating the machines is simple. You will be able to pick that up quickly when someone is available to train.

Your biggest learning item is preparing your files to use on the laser(s). We don’t have any specific drawing software that accompanies any of our lasers so you will need to be able to generate your images before you bring them to the laser. The training will be how to operate the machines (and the machine controller software) and not how to create your images.

For cutting, the lasers use only vector paths. For engraving, the lasers can use either raster images (like if you’re doing a picture), or vector paths - which are cleaner and suitable for outlines, text, etc. Raster engraving is slow because it makes hundreds if not thousands of complete passes from side to side on your workpiece. It also generates more charring on the surface of your workpiece.

Many people use Inkscape, which is free and is loaded on the DMS computers. It’s fairly simple to use. You can also download that onto your computer, but I’m not sure if it runs on Macs. (Did I mention that it’s free?) Many other people use Adobe Ilustrator, especially for vector paths. AI is also available on a subset of the DMS computers.

Hello! I am one of the laser trainers we have here at the space. If you’d like, I’d be willing to do a 1-on-1 with you once you join up to get you up and running on the lasers.

Send me a DM if you’re interested and we can work out the details.

Chris V.


Thanks! I’ve signed up. Just trying to figure out how to send DMs on this thing…

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Good call on interacting with discobot. That got the DM thing sorted out.


Hi Chris,

I have been trying to DM you, however the message link does not appear. I am also trying to get training on the lasers. I was certified previously and am very familiar with lasers, so it is more of a refresher. Can you let me know when there are classes or if there is someone I can contact to set up a 1:1?


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