Laser Read Now & Updates & Meeting/Elections

Hey all, due to some issues that have been occurring with some frequency lately, I am making this post to clarify some rules and good behaviors when using the laser area.

  1. Due to expansion, there is currently NO scrap wood storage. Please dispose of your materials properly when done. If things are left in the laser area, they will be moved to purgatory and disposed of after a few days.
  2. DO NOT USE MATERIALS THAT ARE NOT YOURS. It does not matter if there are no names on it, if you didn’t bring it, don’t use it.
  3. Throw away trash/clean up after yourself. Lately there has been a lot of trash/tiny pieces of materials left all over the place from people finishing their work.
  4. There is no storage permitted in the laser area beyond while actively using the lasers.
  5. If a laser is not working, stop using it and report it. Please do not try to fix it yourself without reaching out to the chair/vice-chair first. Failure to report is considered a violation of the rules and continued use can result in a suspension of the area.
  6. Payment for all machines is 1$ per 5 minutes of laser time (rounded up to the nearest 5 minute interval). Payment via the Square kiosk is preferred.
  7. In order to use the lasers you MUST have taken the online or in person class. The computers have been a bit glitched and allowed some unauthorized members to login/use them, so I am restating the rule for training here and now.
  8. Always try to use the lowest power needed to get the job done. Flames and flashback are almost always caused by too high of power / too slow of speed. Consider using a lower power/higher speed and doing multiple passes.

As a general update, Blitzen is back online for use. There are some extra rules and a check-in list on it - please make sure to read that before using it.

There will be a laser committee meeting this upcoming Sunday or the Sunday after probably at around 5pm. It is an election meeting as well- I will be running again. I would prefer/recommend that if anyone else is interested in running they post a follow-up/why/etc on this thread. I will post a reply on this thread when the meeting goes up.


It’s already scrap, why not just toss it :slight_smile:

One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure. Judging is bad.

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Mostly in regards to non-scrap items. If it looks like scrap, it’s getting tossed and I’m hunting down who left it.

I actually love scrap. I make a lot of small pieces. The f anyone has usable scrap, feel free to throw my name on it and put it in the list and found away from path to purgatory! :rofl: especially if it’s acrylic :black_heart:

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Thank you!!!

When you make miniatures, no scrap is too small to save! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have made a lot of acrylic and wood jewelry for myself and my fam from scraps in laser. Way better than having to buy a huge sheet or paying a premium for a small amount <3

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So re: scraps.

Please be aware that this is a somewhat temporary restriction due to it getting really out of hand. I very much plan on having some dedicated scrap storage in the area, but there are still going to have to be requirements for minimum usable area on pieces.

Lately I’ve been seeing way to much scrap that has no usable space, and people just seem to be using it as an excuse to not have to go throw awkward pieces away.


Maybe a bin system with a monthly cleanout could work:

Small acrylic scraps
Large acrylic scraps
Small wood scraps
Large wood scraps

I dont think a sheet of 1/4 or 1/2 inch plywood or extruded acrylic mostly cut out is usable though. LOL But, who am I?

Can we see the miniatures tho??

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