Laser Maintenance Day 2/20/21

Thank you to everyone who came out to help clean up the lasers!
@dougemes, @dougbcave, Dave Shannon, @michaelb

We cleaned out the area around the lasers, there is table space to use again! The innards of the lasers are much cleaner than before.
Blitzen and Donner were aligned and focused. We did not have time to get to Big Thunder or the Epilog today. That will wait for next time.

I plan to have cleaning days every month, so they should be shorter than today. Or we can find new things to fix up. I’ll post the next one in a few days.


And special thanks to our two guests, Hannah from and Cameron from the UTD makerspace. Our maker community at large benefits from shared knowledge, and we enjoyed getting elbows in on cleaning and aligning.

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Thanks! Are there any concerns with using the Epilog as is?

Yes, it is up and running fine.

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Thanks for the heads up!