Laser Box For Sale

Not sure if it’s kosher to post this here, but I figured this was the best place to find an audience who might be looking for this…if it’s inappropriate please feel free to remove.

I’m cleaning out a closet and have a box that I build when intending to build a small laser cutter for PCB stencils. it’s about 22.5" wide by 25.5" deep made of 0.5" plywood with a laser-safe viewing window in the top. There’s an Arduino Mega clone with motor drive shield and some motor drivers, as well as a pair of laser safety glasses.

I was having issues with the diode driver on this and eventually just scrapped the whole thing and decided I’ll buy my stencils online. If anybody is looking to make a DIY laser cutter, this might be useful. The X-Y gantry I had has since been pilfered. Happy to unload it for $50. See attached images. Hit me at [email protected] or 817 933 7181 if interested.

Again, if this is inappropriate use of this board I apologize and please delete this post.

Belongs on #off-topic:makertrade but otherwise 100% good to post

If it’s got those duino parts and the diode, I’ll take it. Feel free to take to PMs