Large tumbler - anyone know of a machine shop?

I’d like to get a couple of fairly large aluminium casting pieces tumbled to clean them up.

Does anyone here have a source that may have a large to “really really big” tumbler?

Largest single casting is about the size of a bare V8 engine block.


Matt at MCS Products in Lewisville recommended trying SOT Abrasives in Richardson.


Do either of them know Kevin Bacon directly?

Don’t know, don’t care??? :wink:

I had Zims Autotechnik smooth out my Al intake from my 944T back in the day… but that was almost 15 years ago… did a great job back then, and they’re still a top notch shop.

Ian, Thanks for that!

Zim’s - I haven’t thought about them in ages. I used to moonlight for a machinist that did some of Al Zim’s work. He would tumble 356 engine cases for Zims.
That Machinist passed away several years ago.

Looking back I wonder where his Stuska Engine Dyno ended up.

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