Large-format printer?

Is there a color large-format printer that works at the space? I have two posters that I would like to have printed out for Saturday night’s screening of a documentary.
Here is the invite; please come:

Below are the two posters:


It is not currently in full operation as far as I understand. @Hardsuit


As of right now it seems to be behaving, but I can’t guarantee that there will be no banding in the large flat color areas. We should be starting the “teach the teachers” stuff soon, and should have regular classes for members starting in October at the latest.


I am wondering if it would be suitable to make several about two by two posters of pictures of my jewelry with. And if there’s any chance it will be functional to do that before Thanksgiving

The 24" HP is running under the aegis of @richmeyer. The 44" is bandy in the Magenta head.

Right now the magenta head is printing properly. We should be open to supervised test printing at this point, we just need to get the workflow and software set up properly. After the trainers have been trained we can open it up to the members in general.


I use the software drivers that are a part of AutoCAD software. I do not have any other software for this unit. It is not connected to the network.

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The 24" is not available for general use. The 44" should be available by mid October at the latest, and we will be doing supervised test printing in the next week or two.