Large Cedar posts for covered porch

I have a question about cedar. We are having a covered porch built in our backyard. Is it normal for cedar to appear dry and have many cracks? I took pictures but do not see how to post.

Post a picture of the post…

If you’re on Talk on the phone you took pics on, there’s an arrow at in the top bar that says “upload” when you hover over it. That should open a dialog that lets you upload the pic. I usually go to my “files” for my pics.

This reply looks different from the ones I get when when I’m on my phone. There I get the arrow thing at the very bottom of the reply, and I have to scroll down some to see the bottom of the reply.

Yes that’s “normal”.
Insert pics from phones using this button

(Use the “back arrow” on Android devices to get from full screen compose with the keyboard at the bottom to reveal the available buttons instead of the keyboard in the compose interface).


Western Cedar will dry out and crack, it’s no immune to the elements just resistant. Most of the your Fence and Deck stains have oils in them that prevent the wood from drying out.

Thank you for all the responses.

That’s normal