Lapidary equipment

Is there someone who can provide training on the rock cutter for lapidary work. I have a large lapis rock that I would like to slice.


Can you upload a picture of your stone?


I edited my post to add the picture

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I can train you on the large saw and the polishing wheels. I can do it Saturday after tours or in the afternoon on Sunday.

We won’t use your stone for training though, we have practice stones for you to start with in case something doesn’t go right.

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If you wouldn’t mind some piggybacking, I would love to sit in on the training as well. I have a class from 1:15-2:45 on Saturday and 3-5 on Sunday, so if it works out before or after either day, I would love to also participate. When we took the tour, my son saw that tool and said it would be so cool to slice something.

No problem, I can do 3-4 on Saturday or 2-3 on Sunday. Take your pick

Thanks so much, @mrjimmy. Either would work for me… I will defer to @Dwcantrell since she was the one that originally asked for help, and I don’t want to commandeer control of the process. Looking forward to it. Respirator and glasses, I assume. Anything else?

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Thank you!!! I can do the 3-4 on Saturday.

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Ok, I’ve got you both on my calendar, see you there!

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I’m planning on stopping by to refresh my knowledge of how everything goes.

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Just safety glasses, but we have them there. The big saw runs enclosed and the small saws are oil and water they don’t need any special respiratory gear.

And it goes without saying, no cutting toxic stuff like cinnabar or asbestos and whatnot.

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Boo… I guess I have to take my giant hunk of uranium ore somewhere else to slice.