Laguna Tools for a Makerspace in Lakeland, FL?

Was sent here by the Dallas Makerspace reddit handle, going to copy and paste my reddit question. Would love some assistance!

I have been tasked with building out a large Makerspace near my home! We are expecting to have everything from a large Haas VF-2 down to small 3D Printers. Where I am looking for assistance is with Laguna tools. It seems like they have damn near every woodworking tool we may need, at least the big stuff, but I am just finding so much inconsistency with the reviews. Seems most forums with Laguna thoughts are sponsored by Laguna, so that is a bit tough. I hear the machines are not bad, but customer support sucks. Their sales reps have been lovely, not trying to push me towards anything I do not need, and with a 501c3 organization I figure ordering from a single vendor as much as possible can maximize the discounts and negotiations I can make.

I am looking for recommendations, whether for Laguna, or another company. It seems there is not much out there in terms of CNC machines for makerspace use. Trying to stay under $45k for the big cnc (5x10ft M2 from Laguna is the current choice) but the last thing I would want is to spend damn near 200k with a company and have them blow me off. Would love to start some conversations, hear opinions, options, and experiences!



Hi, I may be able to to help also I spend the weekends/holidays in Sanford FL so if you want to meetup that would also be possible.

First there is nothing more important than support especially at a makerspace where generally speaking a majority of the users treat the equipment rough or just is not knowledgeable about supporting it.

Ultimately you need to define your requirements for example is this machine going to be used for wood only?

Tormach is another company I would take a look at as well as Shopbot they probably have the best user community and training available.

I negotiated the deal with DMS for the multicam cnc router which is 5x10 and it stayed significantly under 45k so the price is not too far off to give you options.


Thanks for the reply Robert! Sorry for the delay, no notification came to me! Search my username on google, it is my company and our phone number is public, would love to have a phone call!

The big CNC may also cut non ferrous metals, but no steel. We are looking at a Haas for most metals though! The other tools, like bandsaws, drill presses, etc. will have some in each area. One for metal, one for wood. Separate shops.

I was looking at shopbot, and while they have great support, it seems, their machines do not look like a 30k machine should IMO. You compare it to the Laguna Smarshop M2 and it is lacking way too much in features, but I could be missing something.

Talked to my local Woodcraft and they said that generally Laguna tools are decently made. I asked about Jet and he said they have a higher failure rate. He did say that laguna’s customer support does suck, but they are willing to go to bat for us as well and swing their weight around. I will likely be buying whatever I can from that Woodcraft. That is stellar support. Shame they are almost 70 miles one way.

I will look at Multicam, as I have not even heard of them before. But looking at their site I will definitely have to check them out! I will call them tomorrow! Thanks for the advice! I prefer american made when I can get it!

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