Knife Forging for DMS visitor

We had a voicemail left on our general number about a lady that is looking for some personal instruction for her grandson. She says he has experience and has made several knives. He is fourteen and here in Dallas through Sunday afternoon. I told her that we do not normally offer one on one classes but that maybe one of our members would be interested. ( I know, I know, we always get some unreasonable requests. )

PM me for her contact details.

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I don’t know about the blacksmithing committee, but in the metal shop, the rules would pretty much prevent this (without chair exception).

14 years old can’t operate equipment without their parent (who’s trained on the equipment) within arms reach. They have to be 16 for some tools, and 18 for others.

If they were members, I’d say have them both take the class together and then she can watch/oversee her grandson’s safety. For non member’s I don’t know what I would suggest.

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I’d say get a 1 year membership.


I’d recommend she reach out to members of the North Texas Blacksmith Association - that’s probably a better fit for a one-off, non-member minor looking for blacksmithing on a very short-term basis.

NTXBA Web site (but Facebook page is more active):

They had a Forge-In at Texas Farrier Supply in Kennedale last night :frowning_face:

DMS Option

There is an Open Forge class this Sunday morning (, but it is for members only and minors would need to be accompanied by an adult (and it’s gonna be quite hot). Joining with a Family Membership for a month just so he (and she) could attend would likely not be the best solution.

Another Thing To Do

If actual blacksmithing doesn’t work out, a trip to Texas Farrier Supply might still be a good idea: they have a fair amount of knife-making supplies (steel, tooling, exotic wood and other materials for knife handles, et al). They are open M-F 8-5.


And Wood World has a lot of knife stuff too.

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I can hook them up with a FIF contestant that will work with them. Chuck stone will accept the boy but only with an accompanying adult, just one fee but both must show up. In a real honest to goodness blacksmith shop.

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@Lampy I have msg. you with Chucks contact info.

Not loving this implication Larry…


Have you been to chucks shop??

No, but I’m sure it’s nice. Nonetheless…

And if you were a 14 YO kid?

@Lampy While I am stil learning the basics but working my way up to knives and swords. Doubt it would be in a time frame that would be helpful but once the skill is there I’d be free to teach a few one on one classes.