Kiln Training/Volunteering

I’m interested in volunteering to help out with the kiln team, if there’s any trainings or spots open.


@jamierazzz is the current Kiln Team Lead, and might be able to give you more details, but generally you should take the Ceramics 100 class to be able to use the ceramics space and learn the rules.

You need 12 kiln training sessions with a kiln team member, 6 observing and 6 actually loading bisque and glaze.
There’s more details and rules on the Firing Team Guidelines Source page here:

You can easily find upcoming Ceramics classes and the upcoming March 5th Committee meeting on here:


Kevin said it best! Yes, please come to a ceramics 100, I will be posting more soon, with one coming up this friday at 6:00pm where you can get oriented, ask questions, and get access to kiln trainings. Please read the links Kevin sent in the mean time :slight_smile:
Hope to meet you soon!


Wait MEG!!! You came to my ceramics 100 on Friday! Hahahaha sorry, let me add you to the group. The sheep pic is adorable.

I just added you, post in the group introducing yourself and let people know which evenings/days you have available to train to see who can match up with you.

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Thank you :laughing:
I did check out some of the links, and I’ll hop into the other thread sometime tomorrow

Excited to learn more!