Kiln Team request/help

Hi, I had two bowls that are a set that were on the glaze shelf together. I checked today and it looks like one is currently being fired but without the other. I didn’t think about the possibility of them being fired separately so I didn’t put a note but these two are very much meant to match so I’m hoping to find out which kiln the first one went into(loaded in the last 48 hours) and how to ensure the second goes through the same firing. I know the kilns can differ quite a bit.

Adding a picture of the bowls. I also put a note in the remaining bowl basically stating the same thing, that they’re twins and need to be fired in the same kiln, fine with this second one waiting as long as needed to ensure the best chances of these matching so I don’t have to completely remake this set.

Thank you,

When you want pieces (within reason…meaning you can’t have a ton of pieces) fired at the same time, go ahead and place a note on them. The team plays tetris on loading the kilns and they do try their best. Sometimes we have do have a lot of the shelf and if wanting things fired together they might miss a firing in order to get them in at the same time. Happy making!!!

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This was my first set I’ve made at DMS so just didn’t think about putting a note on these and will definitely be doing that moving forward. Just hoping between my post here and the note on the remaining bowl I can get that second one through the same kiln :crossed_fingers:t2:

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The other bowl is in the big kiln on the left…#9…make sure your note says that kiln only for your other bowl…it is up to the kiln gods if it turns out exactly like the other though.

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Thank you, I will add this to my note!

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Is spectacular clay able to be fired in the kilns? It is midfire clay.

If it’s the spectacular from trinity it is fine and is a very nice clay :heart: