Kiln team - kiln unload

Has there been an unload of bisque or glaze in the last 4 days? I looked at the November post and haven’t seen anything. Not sure if it’s getting done and not being posted or it’s not unloaded.
I know it’s the busiest time of year for everyone and just checking on status or if I missed something somewhere.

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There is a load in kiln right now but there was not enough to finish loading…Steve and I will go in and finish loading tonight


Someone, and it may have been Madison? @madisonaconnell ? Unloaded a bisque kiln and didn’t post pictures Friday.

Edit – the glaze I finished loading Friday is probably ready to be unloaded.


I asked Madison – she didn’t do it.

Y’all it was me, my bad. I unloaded and took pictures and they didn’t upload when I thought they did. Doing it now.