Kiln lid question

Is it typical to have this much of a gap in the kiln lid? I see that both kilns look similar …

We’ve been considering that “normal” for quite a while now. Plus, I’m not sure how it could be fixed, short of replacing the lids. Sometimes we might put a brick on top to help weigh them down a bit. Usually if the gap increases, though.

Since it’s a vent hood it needs a substantial gap for fresh air ingress and cooling. I suspect a smaller gap would reduce its effectiveness. You don’t want a seal, you want airflow up the exhaust.

I’m pretty sure the answer is no, it’s not “normal”. I doubt the designers intended for it to be like that. As Beth said, it’s been that way so we’re considering it normal. I believe at some point there was an accident with the lid and the mounting brackets became bent, I presume that is why it fits so poorly. We have tried weighting it down and even wrapping with kiln insulation but it doesn’t change the kilns performance based on the graph from the kiln and overall firing time. Fairly soon we will be receiving our new kiln, it will be interesting to compare the two!


I think I misinterpreted what was being asked. When it’s open next let’s look at it and another good one and see what we can do to effect a fix


That vent hood seems a little undersized.

That’s what we bought for those kilns…

Didn’t one of them have a lid replaced back when Brenda was chair? Before kiln team.

Maybe. That’s more likely to have been the Paragon, as the other 2 were new then.

It was a new one that had the lid replaced.

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