Kate Hughey Pottery

I did a class and made a small pot. It’s drying. I’ve been exhausted with work and baby. Is someone able to toss my pot? It has my name on it on a piece of tape. If not will find time to drop by this weekend…

If it is over 30 days old it will get tossed as we need room on the shelves.

Ok. Thank you.

Hi Kate! I have to come by on Saturday, I also have to place an item for firing. I’d be happy to move yours as well if needed.


I’m thinking that, given what she said, the pot isn’t worthy of being fired. If she threw it, and didn’t get back in time to trim it, then just toss it out, as requested.

That’s very kind of you to offer to fire it. Do I need to put a glaze on it prior to? Yes, if you can fire it that would be appreciated. It’s just a little dinky pot that I was gonna put a piece of bamboo in…

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I’ll message you my number.

Greenware gets bisque fired first. Once it comes out of the bisque kiln, then you put a glaze on it. Then it gets put on the “glazed” shelf to wait for the glaze firing.


It has to be fired first. I’m not on the kiln team, I’m just moving mine from drying rack to rack ready for firing. I’ll look for yours while there.

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Hi Kate. I looked and couldn’t find anything with your name on it. So sorry!!! Perhaps someone else did it for you. If it was in an unlabeled bag, I did not pull those down and open, as I did not want to risk handling / dropping other people’s work.

No worries.