June classes for Automotive?

New member here. Any chance a version of the 2 automotive classes (101 and lift) will be taught in June? Most of my work is straightforward in adding new circuits to my car for my gadgets, so the lift course isn’t critical but it would be fun to learn.

@worldcloud or @TLAR may be able to help you on your question.

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Welcome to DMS…

We just had Automotive Chair Elections this week, so we are in a bit of a transition period. It appears that we have four new instructors coming online, and I met with one of them last night. He is planning on teaching Automotive 101 in the next week or so.

There is a three delay from the time we post classes to when they are ‘publicly’ visible. Our goal is to offer four classes a week and to offer 101 and 102 every other week- so they should be offered twice in June.

We are also planning a bunch of other classes. If you have expertise and/or interest in a particular topic, we are actively looking for those to teach…


Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for those classes.

Thanks I was looking also