Juice groove jig replacement

So, I’m gonna buy material to replace the juice grove jig. If anyone wants to chip in let me know. I’ll bring receipts in today after I buy the supplies. Thanks in advance


Ill kick in. So sorry you “lost” your other one!

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AKA “How Jesus Got His Groove Back”


The project is taking shape. A bit of mdf and a few do-dads were rounded up and off we go.

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First things first. Set the bit depth and material max depth.

Making that first dado for the T-track to be inserted in.

First dado is complete.

Opps. Didn’t pass the test fit.

We will widen the dado and rerun. It is off by .035.

The router conttol minion made a quick adjustment and wow, just wow! No slop here.

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For those wondering what the plan is. The operator can always look at the control condole and see what is next.


More dados

Uploading: image.jpg…

Now the last cut.

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Router has finished. Now on to the hand work.

This reminded me of, and I figured a good place to drop it, a parametric 3d-print Thingi for T-Track:

Found it by the Felder


@jalopez8 Willis, you got some splaing to do:)

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The one place we didn’t look. Now there’s 2.


Here’s the finished jig. Thanks everyone that helped out.

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Now you have twice the groove !

Just in time for the holiday cutting board brigades.

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I will kick in also for the juice groove jig, if you still need it.

Q: does either (both?) now have an assigned “home”…so everyone knows where to find it when they want to use it?

That way we can maybe not end up with a third one :–)

No need, the Space had all we needed to make replacement.