Jolene Ring Class

I found a ring class I want to take but a respirator is required. What type of respirator is required for the ring class?


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I took that class … (it’s a great class!) She is telling you that you need a particulate mask to use the polishing wheel.

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So, probably an N95 mask? When I googled that (to make sure I had the right number), those are also called respirators. I mean, my mind jumps to the kind that has filters on them, but apparently the N95 is also called a respirator.

Forgive me if I’m giving a lecture you’ve heard before, but particulates like the metal dust from the polishing wheel never leave your lungs. Mind you, when I looked up silicosis (for pottery and glass) it said that it usually takes 10-30 years of industrial exposure to develop. But – they’re your lungs, and generally you only get the one set.


I first thought N95 but want to make sure.


We have a very powerful, commercial-level dust collection system on our polishing station. Although it’s not completely necessary to wear a dust mask it couldn’t hurt, especially if you are sensitive to dust and such. We do keep masks on site with our other PPE in jewelry that are available if needed.


I apologize for the delay any dust mask, face covering would work. It is precautionary and it makes me feel more comfortable. I recently was informed that our dust collector is strong enough that most people do not use them while working on the buffing machine.


@Jcastanon I noticed that the class is full, but can I still bring a guest? If so, let me know how they can register

I used the polisher a couple days ago. At the risk of being gross … I not only had spatters all over my face and my safety glasses from the polishing compound but I still have black crud coming out of my nose.

So I agree with you and @nausser915 that’s it’s still a good idea to wear a particulate (i.e., dust) mask.


Whether or not Jolene lets you bring a guest, you won’t be able to register them. Because the class is full. And, it’s probably not conferring any permissions, so it doesn’t matter if they’re registered or not.

Jolene will have to say if you can bring a guest, though.

Sure that is no problem


Do you make jewelry?

Not usually. I typically make miniatures. Right now I’m working on a 1:12th scale pizzelle iron. It won’t heat up though … just open on hinges.