Jointer out of order?

Hi, New member here, was hoping to use the planer today and saw an out of order sign. saw a topic updated 2 days ago saying it was fixed? Is there a place where I can check the statis of the equipments before I make a trip over and what is the repair time usually on these? Thanks!!

There’s a wiki page that’s supposed to have the status on it but I think it’s largely ignored with how frequently stuff goes in and out of service.

The only wiki I found were for the list of tools, no status. Maybe I am looking at the wrong place? How long does it usually take to get the equipment back up assuming it is not a huge damage?

That really depends. Sometimes it’s just a day or so. Other times it’s months like with the drum sander and sawstop a while back.

We have a tool status board but have been unable to update it for quite some time. Sorry.

Used it late on the 14th and it was working flawlessly. ( because Mike spent the entire night before rebuilding it). So it’s there a NEW out of order sign on it??

The planer is /was fine. The jointer, however, was still awaiting repairs.

The planer is not out of order, it is the jointer.

You are is the jointer. Sorry confused the 2.

All good!


Do you have a link to the tools status page? Cant seem to find it. Thanks.

Supplied in other thread.

Thanks. I changed the status to reflect the current condition. It was still green.

The jointer has had the broken teeth replaced and is ready to test afaik. Who has the tagout key?