Jointer Not Flattening Correctly

Hi there,

I was using the jointer last night, and I noticed that it wasn’t flattening correctly. Some parts of my board were high than the other, so the blades might’ve been incorrectly aligned or something. I had to run my wood through the planer to shave off the excess. Is it still an issue right now or has it been fixed?

If it wasn’t reported it probably hasn’t been fixed.
Do you know if it got reported to one of the wood shop maintainers or properly on Talk?

I let Burt know yesterday that it was having issues (I believe @SWA on talk?) but I haven’t mentioned it on talk yet.

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Okay if it was reported in person to somebody they’ll need to chime in, usually we like issues to [also] be reported on Talk, so that others can know/ and we can use it as a thread to keep track of if it’s been fixed or not. But yeah Burt will need to chime in then.

This has been addressed and didn’t need to be posted. Have a great day.