Jewelry Made from Fine Silverware

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has experience making jewelry from silverware made from fine silver. I have a friend with a couple of old collections that wants to do such, and I have told her to join makerspace. I know we have the tools, but if there was someone willing to share knowledge with her that would be great as well. I do know there are online videos, but learning from someone willing to teach in person is always a good thing.

I think @sroriginals would be your best bet for these sort of projects. I’d also be interested in learning this if someone put up a class.

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Thank you!

@sroriginals is that something you could help with?

@Jcastanon have you worked with fine sliver silverware?

When I did a little looking earlier, thinking that maybe I could weld such things, it did look like it would be easy enough to do with the hydroflux torch and silver solder. Forming what you want would probably be best learned via youtube. Lots of shaping involved. I’d do mockups in cardboard to make sure things would fit together. Or poster board…

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Well, i have not made jewelry from silverware, though i used to repair my aunt’s silver flatware. I have a friend who was doing some of this. It is not too different than other silver fabrication processes. Most commonly, i have seen rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants made this way. You have to decide what part of the piece you want to use and cut it off as needed. For bracelets, probably use a whole piece. Have seen fork tines curled on bracelets, spoon handles wrapped into rings, spoon bowl for a stone setting, etc. Probably need to aneal the piece before starting. I will be at the Maker sale the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That might be a good time to bring some pieces by and talk about it. Get multiple ideas…

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Thanks for the help everyone. I will let my friend know, and maybe she will become a member! :slight_smile: