Jewelry 101 Classes for Feb?


I was ill during the last 101 jewelry class that someone was kind enough to post. I felt so bad that I had asked for it and then was unable to make it.

Is there any chance another one can go up? I’m so sorry I missed the last one. There always seems to be bugs going around this time of year.

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I would also be interested in a 101 jewelry class. I’m fairly new to the makerspace and the jewelry section has a lot I’d like to learn about.

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@sroriginals and the Johns had a meeting last Tuesday to go over the 101 syllabus for more classes. Hope to have some up soon :grinning:

I’m around most days if you are at the space stop by and I can go over 101 with ya. :hugs:


I’m interested in Jewelry 101 Class too
Thank you :))

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