JDS to eliminate SawGrass discounts 3/15/2020

Got this in an email today:

Sawgrass is instituting a new pricing policy to discourage and eliminate distributors from discounting their products in the marketplace. This new policy goes into effect on March 16th, 2020.

In other words, after next week JDS will no longer discount sublimation dye. If we need cartridges for the Sawgrass printer, we should buy them now.


JDS hasn’t ever discounted the dye sub ink, but they let you earn “loyalty bucks” that could be used for future purchases. They are doing away with the loyalty bucks program, because it violates the Sawgrass pricing policies. The inks cartridges are the same $131.00 that everyone charges.

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Do we have any loyalty bucks, and if so, can we use them for anything?

No, because DMS does not have an account with JDS Industries. We buy our ink from Johnson Plastics.

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