J1772 plug needs to be replaced

According to some of the people charging cars, the J1772 plug has been having difficulties latching and unlatching. It seems the plug is pretty much at it’s end of life. I’ve put up a temporary solution for now, by plugging it into the J1772 extension cord and running that outside instead. It seems to be working fine, this should tide us over until a better fix can be deployed.

Personally I’d like for us to get an OpenEVSE eventually as it has an API and web interface, so we could show when the charger is in use and other neat things. This if of course a very low priority item, we’ve got much more important stuff (like expansion) that need to be paid for first.

If any of the other electric vehicle users are interested, I’m willing to donate some cash towards either replacing the broken J1772 plug or even better getting an OpenEVSE.

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Something like this, Andrew?

Yeah, though it’s only $80 on the OpenEVSE site. Or we can get one with cable for $150.

We need one rated at at least 30A, as that is what the charger runs at. The one Andrew pointed out is a 50A rather than the 16A Amazon one.

We could add a current sensor and either an arduino or RPi to collect usage data on the existing chargers.


I wasn’t trying to find the “right” plug, I was just trying to put a visual to aid the discussion. I’m sure a little sleuthing will find the right size/amperage/price point.

I’ll chip in $10 even though I don’t have an electric car.

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I’ll chip in a $20

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Does anybody have any experience with the OpenEVSE? I’m debating between one of those or the Juicebox Pro.

Also I’m happy to throw in $20 for a new plug.

No experience with it yet, but I plan on buying one soon for my home so I can play around with the API.

I’ll chip in $20 towards a replacement plug… But I’d also like to suggest the charging spots be moved to a spot where they are not constantly blocked in by other cars (some legally parked, so not).