It's a HAAS, so OF COURSE it leaks

Several of us were in the machine shop and commented on how much the floor around the HAAS is looking horrible due to coolant leaks. I was aware of one such leak on the left side from before. Thomas Fagan and I hit the inside with the hose and located a seam that leaks. It is marked in red marker on the outside. It’s an easy fix with some silicon or even that flex tape advertised on TV (it actually works).

I find that Mr.Clean works quite well on coolant spills. If there is an easily accessible bucket and mop we can get that up before it gets stickier than it already is. CHeers!

FYI - the title stems from my last employer. they got 2 new HAAS VF2 SS in. The day after it was in service I asked the mgr “Does it leak yet?”. Sheepishly he nodded yes.


There is one spot thats is defying gravity, thats been driving me nuts.

It usually takes 2 people. I sprayed the inside and Thomas searched the outside. there may be more.

Floor along that wall is nice and sticky now. If we’re gonna keep having leaks should we consider a little strip of material around that section to st least confine it to a tighter area?

Once we identify the leaks and patch them it should be fine

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Sticky? It’s an anti-slip coating. Haas just integrates a dispenser at no extra cost.


Ok guys……I painted that hole like a pre-k Bob Ross with a hand full of brown stuff. A little sloppy, but we’ll keep the coolant where it belongs.




Then I found another leak on the skimerator.

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Leak on the skimerator. If it was working correctly, there would be very little coolant coming off the top……but there is a lot of coolant getting pulled off and very little oil, as can be seen from the image, is getting trapped. That is a major source of coolant on the floor.

Drop path to the floor:

Skimerator sludge:

So I hand skimmed the oil and glued the leaky joint indicated by the drop indicated by the arrow.

I’ll get the floor clean tomorrow