IT Help with vinyl cutter computer

I can’t log into the computer in creative arts attached to the vinyl cutter. It says “The Group Policy Client service failed to sign-in. Access is denied.” My login works on every other computer except this one. Please help :slight_smile:

@jast or @yashsedai any idea why this may be happening?

Computer is pretty crappy, for one thing.

Didn’t we approve getting a new one? I know we voted on it in the committee meeting but I can’t recall if the board has voted on it yet.

It is in the pillar of doom or salt or whatever awaiting deployment - along with the other one approved for CA. (fingers crossed one of them isn’t the one redesignated to the cart project)

Just found out today we need a third, but I’ve alerted @jast. We’ll work on that one later.

Edit: I want LIGHT in the cave known as CA a lot more than I want computers. Just sayin’.

two computers that were in the order are allocated for CA. They hadn’t been deployed as we were waiting on software and other dependencies to be met. I’m told those had been resolved so they’re safe to deploy once that info is available to whomever installs them

I just need to know what should go on them, and which ones are going, and I should be able to take care of it. (Then take thus poor win 8 machine and put it out of its misery).

Do you think DMS, the landlord, the city, and county representatives would allow us to blow it up with tannerite in the parking lot?

Kidding of course.

So you’re the man I need to provide with the list of software?

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It’d be dandy if all of Infa were in the know. An email to [email protected] would be one way to accomplish this…
Thank you for asking!

Updating my word doc from the September committee meeting as you typed your response. Trying to include links as appropriate.

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